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Social responsibility


  • For 8 years in a row, Lindex has joined activity with the Oncology Institute of Serbia. During the period of activation, 10% of retail and web shop turnover is allocated to donation purposes. The total donation to the Institute for the 8-year duration of the Lindex Pink campaign is over 100,000 euros.
  • The Body Shop donation in 2020 for Hospital Dragisa Misovic and Clinic for Infectious and Tropical Diseases – the company has donated products for employees of hospitals for hygiene in order to prevent the spread of infection disease covid-19.
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In 2019 the company had a donation for the magazine "Lice ulice" where over a hundred Converse snickers were donated to colporters with special needs, who are selling this magazine on the streets of Belgrade. At the beginning of 2021, we launched the campaign in support of violence prevention. With our franchised brand The Body Shop and our customers, we will donate 2 dinars from each product we sell to the Safe House Center Belgrade. This donation is the extension of the previous collaboration with NGOs with our brands such as Converse, Lindex, and The Body Shop.

Our company is a strong partner to UNICEF and their community support through the constant donations in the past 5 years.

Donation to municipality Vracar for children without parents from Center Dragutin Filipović Jusa. Donation to municipality Savski venac for best students of the municipality and winners of National competition. Books for the school library were donated to the "9th of May" elementary school in Kololeč, Kosovo.

With our partner Converse, we brought together street artists who painted neglected facades thus strengthening the artistic community.

Under the unique inspiration of the Balkan tradition, a mural over 25 meters high with the theme "Roots of the Balkans" was painted on Venizelosova Street in Belgrade. Also, on the wall of the primary school Drinka Pavlovic in Belgrade, a young muralist Jana Danilovic painted a mural with the theme Affirmation of gender-sensitive language. In her recognizable manner, she painted the silhouette of a woman who symbolizes different professions, but dozens of professions were also written next to her in the female grammatical gender.

Significant contributions have been made to the empowerment of women and girls as well as to gender equality.

Triple Jump group with The Body Shop brand joined the action of the British Embassy "A tree for Belgrade". As part of this action held in March 2021, over 100 seedlings were planted in the park of the Belgrade Fair.
A contribution to ecology was made through the installation of solar panels both on the roof of the company and on the roof of the Jump Inn hotel.


The Body Shop recycling scheme is helping us reduce waste within the beauty industry. Our customers can bring any beauty packaging into the store. They pop them into one of our Return, Recycle, Repeat bins and we do the rest. And to additionally motivate and reward our customers for taking care of the planet, we give them a 60ml shower gel gift when they bring 5 empty packages.


The Body Shop is committed to being the most sustainable business it can be. While the brand moves towards its long-term goals of creating zero waste packaging, it's constantly making sure more and more of its packaging is made from plant-based and recycled materials, sourced in a way that drives positive social change. To drive positive change, The Body Shop wants to inspire and empower individuals all over the world to change the way they consume beauty products. They want to call out eco-activists to join their refill revolution and make refill part of their new, more sustainable beauty lifestyle. In Serbia, we have 7 Refill stations.

By making the simple switch to refill, together we could save over 25 tonnes of plastic every year.

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