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Hotelijerstvo se odvija kroz Jump Inn hotel u Beogradu, dok se ugostiteljstvo odvija kroz Remiks Gastro bar u Beogradu i Triptih Caffe & Bar u Kragujevcu.


A hotel with a story

There are few places in Belgrade that can tell its interesting history in a vivid way. One building, built in the heart of old Belgrade, in the Savamala neighborhood when Savamala was being created and acquired the look it still has today, is the witness and protagonist of that story. It's the Jump Inn hotel building.

Thanks to the vision of the richest and most respected merchants and entrepreneurs, such as Luka Ćelović, Rista Paranos, Mihailo Miljković and many others who wanted to bring the European spirit to their country, at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th, modernization began in the Savamala neighborhood around Karađorđeva Street and construction of buildings and facilities of various purposes. In addition to the Hotel Bristol and the Belgrade cooperative (today's Geozavod), a complex of buildings was created at the corner of Karađorđeva and today's Koča Popovića Street. The project of the building in which the Jump Inn hotel is located today was done by the Russian emigrant Nikolay Vasiliev, also known for the project of the current Military Museum in Kalemegdan, and the work was supervised by the architect Hrisanf Vinogradov. The building was completed in 1924.

Today, the JUMP INN hotel building has been completely renovated with an emphasis on comfort, design and the latest technology. The hotel is a project of the TRIPLE JUMP GROUP, today recognizable in Serbia for representing the brands Converse, Lindex and Arena, which started its presence in Savamala with the Mixer House project, in the building it owns. As the founder of TRIPLE JUMP GROUP is a former Yugoslav record holder and Olympian in the triple jump, hence the inspiration for the name JUMP INN, where sports passion is materialized in images of famous athletes and athletic motifs that will be found all over the hotel.

Today, Savamala is experiencing its second youth as a new center of art, design, culture, gastronomy, nightlife and hedonism in the Belgrade way. And the Jump Inn Hotel is here to provide superior hospitality in a place where the new history of the city will be written.



Former industrial district - Savamala, today is a popular area for lovers of urban culture. Among the old facades with Baroque and Art Nouveau features, along the spacious streets near the banks of the Sava, today there are attractive cultural facilities as well as numerous clubs, restaurants and bars.

Remix Gastro bar is one of the favorite places of many.

The company Triple Jump owns the space and is a co-owner of the business in a certain percentage.

Remix Gastro bar is an ideal place to relax and enjoy both good food and a great night out. There is a free parking lot near the restaurant, which is available to guests day and night.
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Location: Karađorđeva 46, Beograd

TRIPTIH Caffe & Bar Kragujevac

In the center of Kragujevac at the end of 2017, a cafe with a unique look, Triptih Caffe & Bar, was opened.

Local architects and designers participated in the project itself. It is characterized by industrial style, artistic design as well as graffiti painted by local artists. The mural in the garden of the famous street artist and muralist Artez stands out.

Known as an ideal place for morning coffee, but also for great nightlife and guest appearances by outstanding musicians and pop and funk bands.

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Location: Lole Ribara, Kragujevac