About Company

The company Triple Jump was created as a successor to the private company Delta Kragujevac (established in 1989), DelFer Belgrade (1990) and Delta Sport, Belgrade and Moscow (1993).

The main activity from the beginning was the trade in products from the field of sports and fashion, representing and distribution of the most famous brands in the widest sense, and in Eastern Europe as well as former USSR.

Formally, the triple Jump company was incorporated under its present name in Belgrade in 2005.

The management of the company are people chosen at the beginning of their business careers (mostly interns) who are specialists today have 5 to 15 years of experience in cutting-edge methodology of managing the company.

The result of their knowledge and work is the introduction to the market of Serbia of brands such as Nike, Mexx, Zara, Escada and others. Further staffing and evident good results in the employment policy so far, give a justified optimism and confidence for future success.

In the Triple Jump Group members operate the following:

  • Triple Jump doo Beograd
  • Triple Jump doo Zagreb
  • Maximus HCD Budapest
  • Čelik doo Beograd
  • DelFer doo Beograd