Legend that lasts unchanged for over 100 years

About brand

Converse is a story of legends, heroes and innovators all connected with love for sport. Marquis Mills Converse founded the company in 1908 and begins a tradition that lasts unchanged for over 100 years. When the MM Converse Converse opened the doors of the company in Malden, Mass., he never knew he would actually produce an American icon.

As the popularity of basketball have grown, Converse Corporation saw the need to produce a shoe that can be worn during games. After a lot of research, the first version of All Star basketball shoe has been produced in 1917 in one color, black. All Star shoe was to be the first mass-produced shoes in North America. It consisted of a thick, rubber sole and the soft upper.

At first, this shoe has left a strong impression on basketball. Later, thanks to Charles “Chuck” Taylor-H, the Akron Firestones basketball player, the situation is changing. He believed so much in that the All Star shoe would been worn throughout the United States by basketball players, that he joined the Converse sales force in 1921.

Because of his great performance, a Taylor was then called as an “Ambassador of basketball.” In 1923 his name was added to the badge and the “Chuck Taylor” All Star sneaker was born! Main products are white sneakers, but soon all the other colors.Over time, Converse owns 80% of the entire shoe industry. 1968 Chuck Taylor enters the “Basketball Hall of Fame. “Unfortunately, a year later, he dies.

Since 1970 the company began production of leather shoes, 1980 introduces a number of “high tech” innovations. Through these innovation, Converse contributes to the evolution and popularity of basketball, tennis, soccer, baseball. The rich history of Converse sneakers is part of the revolution in basketball, witnessed the birth of rock and roll and later became a worldwide icon, known as the Chuck Taylor All Star.

Following the origins and evolution of basketball Converse has forever remained associated with basketball. Each pair is designed to improve the speed, agility and comfort of the players. From the earliest days until now, basketball legends have come and gone but not forgotten. The same is with shoes that are worn on your way to success. Some of these shoes have left traces in hearts of those who wear them, either to the local park or the biggest championships ever played.

Since 2002, the owner of Converse is Nike Inc., the global leader in the sports industry. The strategy of both companies is the growth and development of Converse in the direction of basketball and lifestyle. In this strategy you can see the combination of existing resources in product development, marketing and distribution. The connection of music and the Converse brand has always been very strong.

From the earliest rockers, over-the Ramones, to Nirvana, Converse has been adopted by musicians as a symbol of individuality. From this relationship spawned a huge number of artists and rebels of all kinds,, skaters, comedians, rappers, activists, artists, actors, punks.  Hardly you can find a band that hasn’t accepted Converse as it’s own brand. What began as sport shoes first, it became a symbol of independence for people who wanted to leave their original and indelible impact on society.

As we look at more recent times, we find new ways to strengthen the relationship with the brand and expand the world of alternative sports and music.

In January 2006 Converse is turning to the RED charity campaign, started by Bono’s (U2) and Bobby Shriver, who has a mission to help in the fight against Aids, malaria and tuberculosis in Africa.

Percentage of sales of certain items will be forwarded directly to the fund. Companies other than Converse which took part in the action are American Express, Gap and Giorgio Armani.
In 2006 Converse and John Varvatos, a leading designer of men’s clothes, starting cooperation and represent the first collection of men’s and women’s sportswear, called “Converse by John Varvatos.” Based on the Converse heritage of sports and rock n ‘roll, this collection is a fusion of past and present, and symbolizes the hundred-year history of popular culture.

“For me, Converse is the only brand that has bridged all generations. As a student, I watched this brand evolve from street fashion to basketball courts, in what I have found great inspiration. To maintain the true spirit of Converse brand, we merge the influences of all ages, mixed with sports, rock n ‘roll with, the street and made a special creation. I am proud to be a part of Converse history. “- said John Varvatos.

Since January 2006 TRIPLE JUMP became the exclusive distributor of long CONVERSE for the territory of Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro, Macedonia and Albania. The plan of development of our own retail network, opened a total of 7 Converse shops in Belgrade, Novi Sad and Kragujevac.

All retail shops are equipped by the latest Converse concept that applies worldwide.