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Triple Jump Group with The Body Shop brand joined the action of the British Embassy “Tree for Belgrade”. As part of this action held on the 21st of March 2021, over 100 seedlings were planted in the park of the Belgrade Fair. It was organized in cooperation with the Embassy of Great Britain, PUK “Zelenilo Beograd”, the city of Belgrade, and several recognized socially responsible companies.

”Social responsibility is one of the priorities of our company’s activities in 2021. We have planned several activities that we will certainly carry out by the end of the year, with the hope that we will contribute to raising awareness among all people of good will about the problems that surround us. One of the very important topics lately is air quality. Not only in Belgrade, but in Serbia. Self-awareness about nature conservation is the basis for solving this problem.” Dejan Marković, director of the marketing sector.

The British Ambassador to Serbia, Shan McLeod, thanked the companies that responded to the invitation and joined the action as donors.