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Lindex PINK


This October, Triple Jump Group, Lindex franchise partner in Serbia, is celebrating six years of the Lindex Pink campaign, which is launched in its mission to fight breast cancer.

The struggle itself can be expressed in several ways – by understanding and compassion, by supporting patients so they know that they are not alone, by calling everyone to take preventive measures (because we know that the disease is completely curable detected in the initial phase), but also by investing in treatment. For that reason, as in previous years, 10% of the total income from the sale of the assortment for women (wardrobe, underwear, accessories), in the period from 1st till 14th of October, will be donated to the Institute of Oncology and Radiology of Serbia.

In order to reach as many people as possible, regarding the campaign, we organized for the first time a Webinar – an online event for journalists and influencers – held at the Jump Inn Hotel.

Participants: Dr. Srdjan Nikolić, Director of the Clinic for Oncological Surgery of the Institute of Oncology and Radiology of Serbia, Dr. Branka Radmanović, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon of the Institute of Oncology and Radiology of Serbia, blogger Mahlat – Mirjana Radojević, and Jelena Zorica Živkov, brand manager of Lindex Serbia, sent encouraging and inspiring messages.

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“We traditionally celebrate the month of October by joining forces with our customers dedicated to the fight against breast cancer. We stick together and continue further and stronger, encouraged by the results of Lindex Pink’s donation campaigns so far. The current circumstances of the global epidemic have additionally strengthened us to unite this year and send support to women together, “said Jelena Zorica Živkov, Lindex brand manager in Serbia.

Experts from the Institute of Oncology and Radiology of Serbia presented encouraging data on the increased number of cases of early detection of the disease during the Webinar and conveyed their impressions that, among other things, a strong campaign from year to year certainly contributes to raising awareness and thus more preventive examinations. They also stressed the importance of supporting the improvement of conditions in this institution.

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At the end of the presentation, we released a video in which LINDEX employees send a message and call for support.

We completely broadcasted the event live on our social networks, so that the followers of LindekSrbija facebook and Instagram pages can directly listen the doctor’s presentation and hear from Mirjana Radojević personal experience how important is to have a support.