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Street art has previously been an act of rebellion has since become a celebration of creatives and an artistic medium for social progress. Converse is launching a campaign in cities across the globe with a large environmental impact, painting sustainable murals, and bringing new meaning to street art.

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Members of our community across the globe are painting murals using KNOxOUT paint, which uses sunlight to reduce noxious air pollutants, purifying the surrounding air. Converse is committed to planting the equivalent of 3,000 trees through sustainable murals in 12 cities this year and this is just the beginning. This is a part of the brand’s larger initiative to provide our community with new and innovative tools to achieve Converse’s commitment to progress.

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Converse is working with local artists and the brand’s community of youth creatives and believes that self-expression and art have the power to reflect the current times, provoke dialogue, and build bridges between us. The murals are a public call for progress in highly visible areas of each city and are bringing new meaning to street art to create a more sustainable and just future.

As cities reopen and recover from the pandemic after pressing pause on daily life, Converse believes it has an opportunity at this moment in time to renew its impact by creating fresh air in its communities, drawing on its heritage of game-changers that are sparking progress.

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Converse is actively looking to keep the momentum going, working with local artists across the globe to support its mission to create fresh air in cities. To learn more about Converse City Forests, visit

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Local Impact
With good organization and a strong desire to succeed, the artists were able to pull through this massive mural in one of the busiest streets of Belgrade in only 5 days. Their effort helped plant the equivalent of 540 trees, or 11 soccer fields, a symbol of the air-cleaning power of their mural. Converse believes it has an opportunity to renew its impact by creating fresh air in its communities through Converse City Forests.

The Art
The artists were inspired by the roots and traditions of the Balkans. Artez created a figure of a person that has flowers instead of ahead playing the Tamburica, a traditional Serbian music instrument; Wuper was responsible for the little girl playing the accordion, another traditional music instrument in the Serbian culture. He says, “I draw things that surround me and since I come from a small place, some traditions have remained there. I’m glad we were able to do this by celebrating our traditions in the capital as well.”

In the beginning, Artez admitted he was a little hesitant. “You know, a paint that purifies the air and all of that… we didn’t know if it would act just like any other paint. But I’m satisfied and we have done a great job.” Wuper compliments by saying, “I don’t like to pollute the environment and that’s why I switched from spray to brushwork, so I really enjoyed being part of this project.”

Kristina Petrovic also helped Artez and Wuper in this project. An artist, designer, creator, and muralist, she studied wall paintings at the University of Fine Arts in Belgrade, Serbia.

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