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Latest News


The beginning of holiday season has been marked by various celebrations around the world. This year Converse decided to celebrate by giving gifts to those who put their time, energy and effort in prosperity of their local community and work continuously on scaling the quality of life of their community members. Instead of high production of the new campaign – we realized the real impact lies in supporting those who support and help.

So we made a visit to LICEULICE foundation which enables programmes of direct support to marginalized groups with the aim of higher social and economic involvement, since 2010. The most recognized activitie of this organization is print edition magazine „LICEULICE“ and it’s distribution through network of salesmen (people who have most difficulties finding jobs), who earn 50% of the price of the magazine.

Since we are very grateful for all the things LICEULICE does to give back to our city, we decided to give back to them and we brought them sneakers. This was a simple gesture, in our belief relevant, since they walk through the streets of Belgrade every day.

We hope that our gesture will inspire others to practise similar holiday activities since our goal is to lead with good example, put the wind at the back and sneakers on the feet to those who need it the most!