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Jump Inn Hotel custom made for domestic and foreign tourists – Over 90,000 guests over the past five years

Hotel Jump Inn from Belgrade marked its five-year anniversary this year. Since opening in March 2014, the Hotel has welcomed 92,500 guests who stayed for a total of 61,000 nights. Guests stay, on average, more than two nights and over the course of these five and a half years the most numerous were visitors from China, Germany, Turkey, Serbia, Italy, Croatia, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

– It feels good to achieve good results and justify the investment, both financial and personal. We are aware of the fact that it all depends on teamwork, focus, and the constant engagement of all of us at the Hotel. The Jump Inn team is unique, and we are sure that the way we work, and the respect we show, has contributed to us being at the top of the list of recommended hotels in Belgrade. In addition to our building, the quality of our rooms, and a variety of foods on offer, we wish to stress our employees, as the major reason for our success, to whom we are eternally grateful. When one works with pleasure, success is guaranteed – Jelena Nerandžić, Executive Manager at Jump Inn, tells eKapija.

According to her, the Hotel’s guests come to Belgrade both for business and pleasure. The Hotel’s location is what suits them the most, as it is located a short distance from the city center (a 7-minute walk from Knez Mihajlova Street) and most of the sights, as well as a short distance from New Belgrade, where the majority of companies are located.


– Jump Inn Hotel can boast with a large number of returning guests. We also cooperate with numerous companies, to our mutual satisfaction. The reason for this is, above all, a complete team that is always smiling and ready to fulfill every guest’s desire and request, making their stay with us as enjoyable as possible. This is what they value most when it comes to our Hotel – our care for our guests. We have the space to pay special attention to each guest, which is what makes hotels like ours different and special compared to big hotel chains – according to Nerandžić.

The Hotel also has an a la carte restaurant, which, she says, has been well received from the beginning.

– Students and professors from nearby faculties, business professionals, dear neighbors and families who enjoy our approach to children, love to come to our restaurant, and for them we have prepared separate offers. As hospitality professionals, the most important thing for us is to provide a high level of quality and service, because that is how we attract and retain our guests, regardless of whether they are staying at our Hotel or have simply come to dine at our restaurant.

Given that foreign tourists appreciate local cuisine and Serbia tourists want to try an international specialty, the challenge is to meet all their needs.


– Today’s tourist not only wants to see the destinations he wants to experience them, taste them, smell them, feel them, getting to know them with all his senses, and often local gastronomic specialties are the best way to do this. Here, we are primarily thinking of ethnic foods such as duvan čvarci, ajvar, homemade kajmak, cold cuts as well as indispensable dishes such as ćevapi and veal, which are among the dishes most favored by our foreign tourists. On the other hand, local tourists and guests are looking for international dishes, so that out chefs have their work cut out for them, managing it successfully, nonetheless. A hotel must be recognizable not only for its service but also for the quality of its food – says eKapija’s interlocutor.

In addition to the restaurant, the Hotel also has a banquet hall with two contemporary conference rooms, which have hosted a large number of trainings, workshops, seminars and conferences. According to the Hotel, the space is also ideal for holding cocktail parties, working breakfasts or smaller celebrations.

Jump Inn Hotel is ranked high on almost all online bookings and meta search channels. That online reputation is very important, according to Jelena Nerandžić, because it paints and represents the Hotel itself.


– That is the reason we pay so much attention to that aspect. A guest relations manager must listen to guests’ needs, must understand their satisfaction as well as their dissatisfaction, in order to improve the services on offer.

A presence on online channels is also important due to the information it contains on hotels. Namely, all guests who send a request for an offer already have all information on accommodations, the portal rating, the prices, its advantages or disadvantages.

– Guests know what they want, and you can’t fool them. Online reviews are a true indicator of the real situation in a particular hotel, given the fact that they are written by the guests themselves – is the staff friendly, what is the quality of the hotel, what is the breakfast like, cleanliness, to name but a few. Guests today recognize and appreciate quality, hospitality and courtesy, and respond with good grades when they leave the hotel. It is this satisfaction, generated from the customers themselves, that online channels use to rank hotels and give ratings – Jelena says.

When it comes to the business climate in the Serbian hospitality industry, she points out that, for all Belgrade hoteliers, 2019 was full of new challenges. Accommodation capacities continue to grow at a rate disproportionate to the number of tourists, so there is a real fight for each and every guest.

– Hotels battle each other out over just about every element I listed above – the quality of the hotel itself, the amenities it has on offer, the quality of service, and the attention it pays to the guests, the courtesy and kindness of its employees. The guests are the ones who choose and, therefore, if you work at all segments of quality, and you have a quality product, success is guaranteed – says Jelena Nerandžić.


Our interlocutor states that in order to facilitate the work of everyone in the hotel industry, it is necessary to have certain rules that all market players adhere to.

– First of all, I am thinking about the existence of price grades at which different categories of hotels (with different star ratings) should be permitted to sell their rooms at, in order to maintain adequate competition. Therefore, each type/category of hotel would sell its rooms at an adequate price for that type of hotel, given the service and facilities it has on offer. In that case, it could not happen that hotels belonging to a higher category, during specific periods when there is not enough work for all of us, lower their prices down to a lower category of accommodation, simply to sell as many rooms as possible. This creates a mess on the market and makes business difficult – says Jelena.

As she points out, such price grades and rules exist everywhere, because this protects hoteliers, which makes her believe that something similar will happen in our country as well, in the upcoming period, because without that, she says, unfair competition will not disappear. When it comes to further plans for Jump Inn Hotel, eKapija’s interlocutor says:

– Results have indicated, from one year to the next, that it is time to refresh the Hotel with new facilities and we will work on this aspect in the coming period – reveals Jelena Nerandžić.