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Web certificate Excellent SME Serbia

Our company has successfully completed the evaluation of Coface credit rating company. Based on the results of the review cycle of the entire business and operating process, we have successfully met the conditions for issuing electronic certificates “Excellent SME” by the Serbian Chamber of Commerce.


Excellent Small and Medium Enterprise – Excellent SME Serbia” certificate represents an acknowledgement of solvency of the company.

”Excellent SME Serbia” certificate is designed in the spirit of instructions on EU promotion of successful companies and good business practice. His presence on the web site is a validation of credibility and accountability, also ensuring transparency and business security, as well as consumer protection.

Electronic certificate “Excellent SME” can be assigned only to a company that is rated above 6, on Coface credit rating scale of 1 to 10. This certificate of excellence is issued by the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and its validity period is one year.