Sport and Fashion

Exclusive distribution contracts with companies Converse and Lindex


Converse is a story of legends, heroes and innovators all connected with love for sport. Marquis Mills Converse founded the company in 1908 and begins a tradition that lasts unchanged for over 100 years. When the MM Converse Converse opened the doors of the company in Malden, Mass., he never knew he would actually produce an American icon.

As the popularity of basketball have grown, Converse Corporation saw the need to produce a shoe that can be worn during games. All Star shoe was to be the first mass-produced shoes in North America. It consisted of a thick, rubber sole and the soft upper.



Lindex is one of the leading fashion chains in Europe. Lindex business idea is to offer inspiring, affordable fashion to fashion-conscious women.

Lindex assortment covers a variety of fashion concepts within women’s and kids’ wear and lingerie. The assortment is characterized by well-considered details, the latest fashion trends and a fast turnover of new products. The inspiring fashion of Lindex is created by Lindex own designers and consists of products with a high sense of fashion as well as timeless favorites, suitable for all occasions.