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This is a story about a sneaker created 100 years ago. She was born in a sport with a distinctive, eternal shape. Later she became a symbol of musicians, artists and all the people with the creative spirit. Always as a symbol, never as a trend. Chucks serves the culture of young and rebellious people. A brand that is 110 years old but still new and recognizable. We may have been repeating ourselves sometimes but never departing from what we are, of our culture and authenticity, as well as of the people who carry them. The Spirit of Chucks rules forever!

This season we come back to the beginning, we talk about the story of the Chuck family with which it all started.

Converse exists to serve the bold and courageous spirit of youth, in support of their lifestyle. As such, he is an authentic street style brand, born in sports, celebrated through the culture.


  • Canvas sneaker
  • The rubber nylon provides durability of the shoe
  • A recognizable patch logo

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