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Holiday Fever!

In Lindex stores, you can easily find a lot of gifts for coming holidays. We offer a lot of suggestions and inspiration. Soft home wear and a lot of cozy knits and great accessories…  Whether you like to dress up in lovely soft knits or if you prefer something more sparkling – there is lot to choose from. Also we have some absolutely adorable Mini Me style that will be impossible to resist buying.

This year the focus is not only on dressed but also on tops that you can easily combine with your favourite pants, from the Black Pants Collection. We offer a big spread both in silhouette and style, velvet, lace and sequins – something for every one! Whichever combination you choose sorely you’ll need tights. Ordinary, with print, stay up,… offer is big and it’s up to you to choose what suits you best. Great details that you must have, during this period, are certainly beautiful hair decorations and jewelry, bold and delicate, designed to suit everyone’s taste.

If you are not the type for parties, you can spend holidays tucked in warm pajamas and fluffy slippers. Also, comfortable pajamas with classic prints can be an ideal gift for mom, sister, daughter or friend. For those who are looking for something more sensual, we offer beautiful sets of underwear. We expanded Ella M collection, so now luxury underwear, with beautiful lace, you can combine with kimono pajamas or nightgown.

During the New Year and Christmas holidays, the kids get a lot of attention! In our stores you can find the perfect gifts and outfits to wear during all holiday celebrations.

We have both tradition classic look and this season must haves. The newest look for girls are the turquoise color, and for boys vests in velvet. For those who are looking for the traditional Christmas look we have a lot to offer. This year we have quirky attributes, like the reindeer antlers, and lot more interesting accessories.

Your New Year’s gift can also be a pajama. A pajama is very common and easy gift to give and appreciated to receive. If you prefer something more practical we have sweaters and loose pants for every day use. Mix top and bottom and use “set price” offer. Easy to buy, easy to give and easy for kids to enjoy.

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