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CONVERSE presents collaboration with world famous virtual band – GORILLAZ!

Inspired by the unique vision of style Grammy winner for design exclusive prints!

gorillaz_2_0North Andover, MA

CONVERSE announces the newest footwear collaboration with world famous band Gorillaz. Launch is planned for February 2012, and the style of the collection is a mix of the legendary figures of Chuck Taylor All Star with distinctive graphics and pictures of the band.

Winner of prestigious awards and co-creator of Gorillaz, Jamie Hewlett designed an exclusive print, using their revolutionary artwork.

“The exchange of thoughts, feelings or ideas. This is the essence of Gorillaz. Work or cooperation and exchange ideas with other artists. We exchange ideas and discuss with each other in the past ten years. So I could not imagine a better group of people with whom we would celebrate our decade in the business than a team from Converse. Plus, I wear my Chucks my whole life “- says Russell Hobbs, drummer of the band Gorillaz.

Gorillaz collection brings Chuck Taylor All Star (Chuck’s) figure with two different looks, inspired by this band. Representative of the whole collection is a model in military colors.