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Missoni & Lindex

Lindex collaboration with Missoni has resulted in a collection which will be for sale from September 25 in all Lindex stores. With this collection Lindex continues to support the breast cancer research, 10% of the total sales price will be donated to the fight against breast cancer.
The Lindex Missoni collection consists of women’s wear, children’s wear, lingerie and accessories. Distinguishing features are the characteristic Missoni patterns and designs. Everything can be mixed and matched, patterns on patterns, for an unexpected effect.

Except for the famous zig-zag pattern from Missoni the collections also shows a butterfly pattern as a new and exciting contribution.

This unique capsule collection has something for everyone. There isn’t a generation limit. You can find something for yourself, for your daughter and for your mum. Of course the collection is based on a lot of colours and colours are known to change your mood for the better.

The collection consists of dresses, sweaters, tops and tunics as well as trousers, loungewear and lingerie. Parents who enjoy Italian design will find bodies, tunics, leggings and accessories for their kids. The selection of accessories is broad with handbags, necklaces and bracelets as the most important features.

The Italian fashion house and luxury brand Missoni is world famous for its distinctive designs and colourful patterns and has achieved iconic status around the world through its unique Missoni pattern. The company, founded in 1953, has been led by generations of women from the Missoni family and, like Lindex, celebrates women.

Today Missoni offers tailored lines and sassy slim-line silhouettes. They continuously attract a new generation of devoted fashion lovers while maintaining their original cool mix and match concept in their collections.

The collection is really the best of two worlds. There is us Missoni, the iconic brand, and there is Lindex who is making it accessible for everyone.